Capstone Publishers

Web Marketing + Design

1. Case study

CapstonePub.com is comprised of a 3 market portal website — Library, Classroom, and Trade. Each faction of the website requires its own unique web marketing and design. Content is updated in perpetuum. Each element found on the website is a unique element of web content designed and facilitated by web marketing.

2. Result

Whether it's a website banner, web layout, or a unique landing page, CapstonePub.com and its affiliate websites (PebbleGo, PivotEd, MyCapstone) are all products of web marketing design. Collaborating with print designers, market managers and sales personnel creates the dynamic and interactive content featured on each website.

3. Experience

It is a thrilling and exciting reward to design content for one of the most premiere leaders in kids book publishers. Creating fresh, new, and engaging content for each website is continually challenging and inspiring.

Project Details

Client: capstone publishers

Date: 2012 — Present


Capstone ranks #1 among students preK through high school and the first choice among librarians. Whether recognizing colors and shapes through pictures, learning history through interactive web content or ebooks, kids (and educators) choose Capstone and their expansive collection of more than 11,000 titles.
Capstone's Library, Classroom, and Trade markets offer leveled reader programs, interactive ebooks, audiobooks, and customized curriculum collections to support Common Core, STEM, and more.

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