Digital Designer +
Front-End Developer


Logos, Branding, & Digital Design

Modern design mixed with the theory of traditional graphic design.

Optimized Website Design

User-centered website design using Agile methods to produce quick and effective results.

Front-End Development

The entire process from rapid prototyping, visual concepts to a fully functional live product.


Below is a curated selection of my most recent body of digital design and development work. Please feel free to explore the featured retrospective of creative content, web projects, and collaborative efforts produced throughout the duration of my 15 year long career.


"Josh is an amazing designer and his resourcefulness and creativity are unsurpassed. I have had the pleasure of working with Josh and he continues to provide amazing design and code with strong attention to detail. I would highly recommend Josh for any project."
Jeremy Treadwell, Technology Strategist


"Josh is truly a remarkable interactive artist. Possessing an inspiring variety of knowledge and skill. An illustrator, a cartoonist, a web designer, a Flash animator; there is nothing he cannot do. Above all, the positive effect his vibrant vitality and ever-appreciative and optimistic character has on team morale is absolutely priceless."
Brock Petrie, Design Director


If you are interested in collaborating on a freelance project or if you would like a website or logo design consultation,
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